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Tahmina - Education Around the World UNICEF Voices of Youth A GREAT resource that can open up many doors and help narrow your focus to a particular country or region. 
Tahmina - Education Around the World IRIN News UN Humanitarian site separates news stories by country. Great for identifying multiple educational issues in a certain part of the world. 
Tahmina - Education Around the World UN Cyber Schoolbus Another site from the UN geared toward students. This one has a human rights focus but there's some education stuff from time to time. 
Max and Kylee - Head Injuries in Professional Sports Time Magazine, "The Problem with Football: How To Make It Safer" A magazine article from earlier this year with some suggestions for making football safer. Also check out the videos on the page! 
Max and Kylee - Head Injuries in Professional Sports "NFL Facing the Truth About Head Injuries" - Michael Wilbon Sportswriter's take on the current issue and what the NFL is doing to protect players. 
Max and Kylee - Head Injuries in Professional Sports NFL Poster - CONCUSSION This poster now hangs in every locker room around the NFL. What do you think of it? Do you think it is serving a purpose? 
Michael - End to American Wars Time for Kids Article - A Way Out of Iraq Outlines multiple solutions for getting out of this current war, and why it is difficult 
Michael - Ending American Wars "Rallying Against the War in Iraq" A little old, but a good overview of some of the antiwar protests that took place 
Michael - Ending American Wars Article about students and antiwar protest 
Carlos - Cure for Diabetes American Diabetes Association Good background info, especially under "Diabetes Basics" 
Carlos - Cure for Diabetes Article "Vaccine Could Cure Diabetes" Check out the video too! 
Carlos - Cure for Diabetes Walk for a Cure A popular fundraiser walk to cure juvenile (kids') diabetes 
Shamecca - Animals Rights NYTimes article, "Grey Wolf Will Lose Protection" An article about how the wolf is coming off the endangered species list 
Shamecca - Animal Rights Article on Endangered Species Recent article from just a few days ago December 2010! 
Shamecca - Animal Rights PETA Tv for Kids This is the major animal rights organization in America. Lots of videos here! 
Kai - Cure for Swine Flu "Everything You Need To Know about Swine Flu" A good introduction 
Kai - Cure for Swine Flu Article about Swine Flu Vaccines and Sore Arms Guiding Question: How can we advocate for a better swine flu vaccine? 
Kai - Cure for Swine Flu Daily News article about vaccines in schools Guiding Question: How can you advocate for a better swine flu vaccine? 
Shanice - Bus Rights/Civil Rights Newsweek article, "A Forgotten Contribution" Another article about Claudette Colvin 
Shanice - Bus Rights and Civil Rights NPR Feature on Colvin Lots of great details and photos! 
Shanice -  Claudette in real life! Video with the real Colvin at an awards dinner 
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